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About the Mt Zion Historical Society

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To preserve and recognize the history, pioneers, and heritage of the Bennett's Valley through the support and funding of educational, research, social, and historical initiatives and projects (like the historical park and memorials)


To be a highly regarded and recognized historical society honoring the Bennett's Valley, its history, heritage, veterans, and pioneer citizens.


The Mt. Zion Historical Society was founded in 1999 by Joseph Burke and Peter Kunes. It was their idea to create an organization to preserve and recognize both the history and rich pioneer heritage of the Bennett's Valley Area. Their initial plan included developing a historical park at the site of the former Mt. Zion Church. In addition to the historical significance of the church, being Elk County oldest protestant church, this site is located next the Mt. Zion Cemetery in which many of the early settlers to the area are buried.

The lot upon which the church once stood is owned by the Mt. Zion Cemetery Committee. The church was destroyed by fire in 1976. The trustees of the cemetery committee endorsed the idea, and granted the Mt. Zion Historical Society permission to proceed with the development of the park.

Under Joseph Burke's guidance, the Mt. Zion Historical Society was chartered as a non-profit corporation in 2002, making the Society a publicly supported organization, and allowing donations and gifts to the Society to be tax deductible. On April 3, 2000, Joseph Burke passed away, and for a number of months following his death there was very little activity on the park.

Helen Burke shared the same enthusiastic desire for the park as her husband Joseph. She encouraged and reignited the committee to reorganize and go forward. In addition, she established the "Joseph & Helen Burke Memorial Trust Fund" to provide for the long term maintenance of the park.

When the Mt. Zion Historical Society became a non-profit organization the officers and board members included: Joseph J. Burke, Peter Kunes, Helen Burke, Vera Kunes, Susan Mc Clintick, and James Burke.


James BurkePresident
Kenneth O'vell Vice President
Susan Mc Clintick Secretary - Treasurer
Peter Kunes Park Supervisor
Vera Kunes Mt Zion Church Historian
June SorgSpecial Projects
Ruth GregoriLiaison
Louie GregoriSpecial Projects
David Konkle Development Director
Gaylon Mc Clintick Maintenance
Rita Fence O'vell Special Projects
Bob NayWeb Site,Facebook


The Mt Zion Historical Society has been making great strides it fulfilling its mission as the premier historical organization for the Bennett's Valley area. It has been most proud of its Mt Zion Historical Park and Veteran's Memorial Park and walkway. A summary of our current activities and accomplishments can be seen on this page.

Recent Additions to the MZHS Park

Several additions have been made to the Veterans' Memorial Park by MZHS in time for this year's Memorial Weekend Dedication. These included the following: