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Bennett's Valley Cemeteries and Genealogy-Historical Links

Joe and Nora Burke
Remembering Our Ancestors
Joseph and Nora Burke
Jay Township, PA

Remembering our ancestors is a very important way to honor them and their contributions to the history of the Bennett's Valley. The Mt Zion Historical Society in conjunction with the Elk County PAGenWeb genealogy project is taking on another extensive project to honor our ancestors and share the results of this work with those genealogists and family researches of the Bennett's Valley. This project will be to compile a listing of all those interred at cemeteries within and near Jay and Benezette Townships. Please see the links to access our cemetery listings. If you see any mistakes ( we're sure there are some) or updates needed please let us know.

You will find more genealogy information (census records, cemetery listings, etc) for our ancestors from the Bennett's Valley and Elk County at the

Click here for the Elk County PAGenWeb website.

See Below--
The Pennsylvania Winslows
The Expanded Genealogy of the Carpenter Winslow Family of the Pennsylvania Wilds
By Robert Winslow Nay

For a direct connect to the census records Elk PAGenWeb Census Records

Bennett's Valley Cemetery Listings

Cemetery listings are a great resource for searching our ancestors. We and other contributors have recently visited many of the cemeteries in the Bennett's Valley and are providing an as up to date listing as we can. These listings have been reviewed against other information available and added or changed to make these as complete as possible- which none ever will be. The spirit here is to share these listings for all to see- There is no copyrighting of these listings intended- but the contributors wish that these are not copied for any commercial purpose. If you have any that you can contribute that would be great. Let me know.

Having recently gone to many of these cemeteries we've found and learned from other contributiors that many of these smaller cemeteries are primarily very old family plots such as Morey, Lewis, Dennison, Rothrock,and Kincaids and are in disrepair. Three of these have but one stone remaining. The Dennison plot has three broken and desecrated grave stones. Hopefully at some future date someone will attempt to upgrade some of these sites. The Potter Goff cemetery on Gray Hill Road only has two readable grave stones. There must be at least twenty gravestones of native rock which have no information except to identify a grave site.

Benezette Township Cemeteries of Interest
Benezette Cemetery, Benezette Township(41.31N,78.38W)
Denison Plot, Benezette Township
Small Cemeteries-Duncan(Webb/Yarger) Cemetery;Morey Family Plot, Benezette Township
Huston Hill Cemetery, Benezette Township(N41 23' 52", W78 15' 16")
Johnson Cemetery, Benezette Township( 41.328N-78.332W)
Morey Family Plot, Benezette Township(N41 17'26", W78 23'47")
St. Cecelia's Catholic Cemetery, Benezette Township(N41 19'29", W78 22'29")
Summerson Cemetery, Benezette Township(N41 19'42", W78 20'8")
Mt Pleasant-Winslow Hill Cemetery, Benezette Township(N41 20'34", W78 21'53")
Jay Township Cemeteries of Interest 
Small Cemeteries-Rothrock, Kincaid,Denison, Goff/Gray, Jay Township
Gray Hill Plot, Jay Township (41.30N, 78.45W)
Mt. Zion Cemetery, Jay Township(41.30N, 78.48W)
St. Joseph Cemetery(A-C), Jay Township
St. Joseph Cemetery(D-K), Jay Township
St. Joseph Cemetery(L-P), Jay Township
St. Joseph Cemetery(Q-Z), Jay Township
Rothrock Grave Site, Jay Township
Webb Cemetery, Jay Township
Weedville Cemetery , Jay Township(N41*16'27";W78*29'36")
Selected nearby Fox Township Cemeteries of Interest
Gardner Hill Cemetery, Fox Township, Elk Countywith photos (N41.280 W78.556)
Special Links to St Marys Catholic Cemetery
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; A-B
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; C-D
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; E-F
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; G
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; H
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; I-K
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; L
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; M
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; N-R
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; S
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; T-V
St Marys Catholic Cemetery; W-Z
Selected nearby Cameron County Cemeteries of Interest
Castle Garden Cemetery,Gibson Township, now Cameron County
Hicks Run Cemetery,Gibson Township, now Cameron County
Mason Hill Cemetery, Gibson Township, now Cameron County
Miller Run Cemetery, Gibson Township, now Cameron County
Mix Run Cemetery, Gibson Township, now Cameron County
Selected nearby Clearfield County Cemeteries of Interest
Conway Cemetery, Huston Township, Clearfield County
Hewitt-Kooker Cemetery, Hollywood, Huston Township, Clearfield County
Hewitt Cemetery, Huston Township,Clearfield County
Hoyt Cemetery, Huston Township, Clearfield County
Laural Run, Huston Township, Clearfield County
Mt Pleasant, Huston Township, Clearfield County
Old Bundy, Huston Township, Clearfield County
Penfield, Huston Township, Clearfield County


We are also including some additional web sites that you may find of interest regarding the history and genealogy of Bennett's Valley and Elk County.

Elk County's PaGenWeb genealogy web site

A Special Rememberance of Long Ago by Nora Ovell Burke

Bennett's Valley Select Ancestor Bio's

Elk County Historical Society

Historical Society of St Marys and Benzinger Township

Elk County History from the Elk County Historical Society

A Brief History of Elk County ©Written by: Alice Wessman

History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter, Pennsylvania

J.H. Beers & Co as transcribed by Nathan Zipfel for the Elk County Genealogy Site

My Winslow-Burke Ancestors from Elk County and Before

The Pennsylvania Winslows
The Expanded Genealogy of the Carpenter Winslow Family of the Pennsylvania Wilds
By Robert Winslow Nay

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