Special Stories of Genealogy and Historical Interest

The Mt Zion Church Speaks
As written by Louise Faust Tiefel

Mt Zion Church
Mt Zion Road, Weedville, PA


By Louise Faust Tiefel

Once here I stood, my feet deep routed in this place of quistude and rest.

Besides me, in eternal sleep my founders lie, and those whose life I blessed.

I watched the generations come and go year follow year and all too fast.

One hundred twenty of them came and then were gone into the dimming past.

I waited eagerly, each year, for those who would return.

My very waits heard voices raised in song and whispered prayers and heard the calls of old friends greeting friends and touch dear and long remembered things.

My benediction hovered oer them like protecting angel wings.

One early dawn Death came for me. Its guise a small and flickering light.

Soon roaring flames closed round my walls and in the misty morning light.

My windows fell and crashed within me with a breaking, shattering sound.

I was a fiery beacon falling downward to the blackened ground.

Now all is gone and oer my ruins the lonely night wind blow, but still I hear loved voices sing and I always know

They will remember me when long my ashes lie beneath the greening sod. For once I stood upon this hallowed spot, a proud but humble house of God.

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